Tail End

Tail End investments are private equity or debt funds – buyout, venture capital, secured or mezzanine credit, real estate, specialty, secondary, fund of funds – or single entity private direct investments that have not returned projected investment capital per the investment plan or documentation. Tail End investments typically become “stuck” for multiple years beyond their investment plan without generating any material return.

Tail End private funds comprise over approximately 10% of the entire private equity and debt industry. From legitimate additional time and/or resources needed, to unfocused general partners, to Zombie and Orphan funds with no management, to funds with conflicts, to outright fraud and bad actors, Tail End investments have become a common and growing part of investor, family office, and institutional private investment portfolios.

With a proven track record in generating value and recoveries from a variety of Tail End investments and situations, V3Limited provides end-to-end services and support to advisors and investors who seek to protect/enhance value and to set a timeframe to achieve liquidity aligned with their interests.