Our Approach

With V3Limited and the V3 Metric, investors and advisors have a specialized end-to-end solution. The V3 Metric provides a clear and objective indicator of a Tail End fund as early as Year 5.

Once a Tail End investment is identified, V3Limited efficiently and discretely assists investors and advisors to develop and implement a plan of action. Behind the scenes, we complete initial research and can develop an initial plan. When we take action in very difficult situations, we have been very successful in keeping our clients out of the public eye.

V3’s strategy is to focus on and to accelerate the process to liquidity. Our track record shows that we have the potential to generate materially more value during such accelerated realization action plans than typical “left alone” Tail End investments.

Our approach follows three straightforward principles:

  • Understand: No Tail End investment is too complex. Completing full and thorough due diligence is required as assumptions are too often incorrect.
  • Verify: It is imperative that all information and material is verified/confirmed by an arm’s-length third party.
  • Act: With each day that passes, value is almost assuredly deteriorating, as is the best opportunity for liquidity. Our experience and results clearly show that the sooner we act the better the outcome realized for investors.

With our focus and experience, V3Limited has the resources and expertise to address and work through the complexities and surprises that arise far too often. With Tail End investments, not knowing until it’s too late or being caught unaware can have costly results. Our expertise with Tail End situations and our ground-up due diligence process serve to greatly mitigate such risks.